w3 Founders London

We discuss founding, building and scaling crypto native companies: DAOs, chains & tokens.

No RSVP necessary
Meeting in London's Newspeak house
on Tues 14th Dec 2021 @ 7pm

7pm greets7:10pm update on w3meetupDAO7:20: Talk 1 - Daniel Tenner @swombat on the intersection of NFTs and DAOs7:30ish: Talk 2 - Amenti Kenea@Amenti4K
8pm ~ Drinks & chat on terraceinfo@web3.voyageMap to location: 133 Bethnal Green Rd, E2 7DG
Likely around 25 attendees including:
Kevinmcdonagh and Ed

This group is developing a DAO to pay for sponsored meetups.
You can join the journey on yet another Discord